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You want speakers who will waken the audience to new understandings.

Mary has given many keynote talks in England, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Greece, the Netherlands, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

She talks to managers, practitioners, people with lived experience and the public.

Her talks entertain and provoke. They are always grounded in the perspectives of people with lived experience of mental distress.

Mary talks about topics as diverse as:

  • User/survivor perspectives in mental health
  • User/survivor leadership
  • Peer run services
  • Recovery based systems
  • Recovery and wellbeing
  • Discrimination and social exclusion
  • Compulsory treatment
  • The experience of psychosis
Mary can also speak on other topics she has expertise in to fit the client's needs.

See a video of Mary's talk on Recovery and Wellbeing to the Scottish Recovery Network conference in 2009.


Mary doesn't leave the tough questions aside yet she shows respect for differing opinions. She has many talents: a rapier sharp intelligence, inspirational speaking, a delightful quirky humour, and an enthusiastic vision about what is possible. 

Anne Helm, service user advisor and New Zealand government appointee.

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