Woman Reading by Auguste Renoir

The Reading by Auguste Renoir

You want to read work that gives you a glimpse of a new world rather than a familiar world revisited.

Mary has written a book, chapters and papers on many issues, all grounded in the perspective of lived experience. Download them for free here.

Recovery and Wellbeing

Our Lives in 2014: A recovery vision from people with mental distress.

Destination Recovery: Future responses to mental distress and loss of wellbeing.

Living Well: the New Zealand Approach to Recovery in OpenMind.

An update on recovery in Mental Health Today.

The Acute Crisis. Recovery oriented responses to people in crisis.

Mental health user/survivor perspectives

Making Sense of Madness from the Inside.

Two Accounts of Mental Distress. Mary's journal juxtaposed with her clinical notes.

The Services We Need - a description of the services people who use services want in New Zealand.

Getting the Services We Need - a systemic advocacy manual for getting the services we need.

Leadership for Empowerment and Equality. A paper on user/survivor leadership in mental health.

Peer run services

Stopovers on my Way Home from Mars: A journey into the psychiatric survivor movement in the USA, Britain and the Netherlands.

Service User Workforce Development Strategy. 

Consumer Survivor Initiatives in Ontario: A Review.

Compulsory Interventions

Force in Mental Health Services: International user/survivor perspectives.

Best Practice in the Reduction/Elimination of Seclusion.


Let the Sunshine In. A framework for anti-discrimination work.

Mary O'Hagan is a visionary with a remarkable ability to communicate that vision and shift how we think about things. She is a creative thinker and she writes, often with humour, and always with great clarity. 

Jan Dowland, Former Chair, Mental Health Commission of New Zealand.

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