Mary O'Hagan

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Mary O'Hagan used mental health services in New Zealand for eight years as a young woman. Ever since, she has worked to make a difference to the way society and services respond to people with major mental distress.

Mary was:
•    an initiator of the service user movement in New Zealand
•    the first chair of the World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry
•    an advisor to the United Nations and World Health Organization 
•    a Mental Health Commissioner for New Zealand 

Mary is: 
•    an  international speaker, consultant and writer
•    an international thought leader on service user perspectives
•    used for her unique expertise in recovery, wellbeing and discrimination 
•    working in the Netherlands, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

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Mary is a true pioneer. While struggling with the effects of mental illnes she refused to let go of her meaning of her experiences. She has subsequently used whatever postion she has been in to be a strong and effective voice to change mental health services throughout the world. 

Caril Cowan, AUT University, New Zealand.

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