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Do you want answers you can can rely on?

Mary O'Hagan is a well known innovator, thinker and writer. She has used her lived experience of mental health problems and her extensive work experience to develop straight answers to the curly questions in mental health. 

Mental health managers and leaders are asking: How do we create services and systems that do better and cost no more?  

People with mental health problems are asking: How do we find the support and strength to recover our wellbeing?

Practitioners are asking: How do we know we're really supporting a person's recovery?

The public are asking: What has mental health and wellbeing got to do with us?

Learn how Mary can assist you with your own answers - through her speeches, workshops, recovery consultancy, peer learning, publications and blog.

There are few people you meet in life who are remarkable individuals. Mary O'Hagan is such a person. She is one of the foremost leaders in recovery and has had unique success as a New Zealand Mental Health Commissioner.  

Fran Silvestri, Director, International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership.

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